Zito Mowa

Discover Zito Mowa, a multi-talented underground South African musician. He’s not just another name in the scene; he’s a harbinger of a new kind of musical expression.

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Zito Mowa — The Genre-Defying Virtuoso of South Africa’s Underground House Scene

In an era where South Africa’s musical landscape is buzzing with the hypnotic beats of Gqom, the soulful melodies of Amapiano, and the rhythmic intensity of Afro House, Zito Mowa emerges as a defiant iconoclast. Juggling his life as an art director by day and a record producer by night, Zito is a creative powerhouse who refuses to be pigeonholed.

A Symphony of Styles

If you’re seeking a traditionalist, Zito Mowa is not your guy. Instead, he revels in a pluralistic musical universe, oscillating between house and boom-bap, and embellishing his beats with extraordinary, often arcane, samples from the back of his extensive crate. Such eclecticism doesn’t just manifest in his production; it spills over into his DJ sets, which are a tantalising tapestry of genres, peppered with unreleased jams that leave audiences craving more.

Zito Mowa

Influences and Inspirations

Immersed in a sample-based sound that pays homage to the likes of J Dilla and Max Graef, Zito Mowa crafts his unique tracks with a finesse that reflects his multifaceted musical palate. From hip-hop and jazz to house, his sonic creations are a melting pot of influences, each adding a unique flavour to the mix.

A Rising Vinyl Star

Fueling his ascension in the music world, Zito Mowa’s discography has found homes in some of his most-admired labels, including Closer To Truth, Stay True Sounds, Lisztomania Record, Open Sound, and Morris Audio. His debut album, “The Kolour Of Water,” released in 2020, is a testament to his diverse talent, featuring collaborations with artists from the UK to Switzerland, and of course, his native South Africa.

Catching the Eye of the Greats

It’s not just underground aficionados who have taken notice. Music giants like Opolopo, Seven Davis Jr., and Moodymanc are just a few of the industry titans who have their eyes on this emerging artist. Red Bull has even coined his approach as “Genre-defying,” a fitting title for someone who’s created his own lane in the music industry.

A Sound Beyond Labels

In Zito Mowa’s world, music is an expansive, borderless terrain. His tracks are neither strictly house nor purely hip-hop; instead, they’re a complex brew of the slackest funk hooks, the dustiest hip-hop cuts, and a foray into deep house experimentalism. Describing his style is like trying to catch smoke with your hands—it’s elusive, constantly shifting, but always mesmerising.

The Future of Zito Mowa

With a sound that reflects his kaleidoscopic musical tastes and an approach that shuns purism, Zito Mowa is not just another name in the scene; he’s a harbinger of a new kind of musical expression. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this groundbreaking artist as he continues to shape the future of the South African underground house scene.

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