Hailing from Port Elizabeth, beatsbyhand is a melodic house producer that has been drawing international attention with his distinct style and captivating tracks.

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beatsbyhand — Crafting Melodic Beats from the Soul of South Africa

In the pulsing heart of South Africa’s electronic music scene, beatsbyhand is an emerging luminary. Hailing from Port Elizabeth, this Down-tempo melodic house producer has been drawing international attention with his distinct style and captivating tracks. But who is the man behind the beats?

A Tale of Two Egos

Known to his friends as Hein Bosman, beatsbyhand is the creative flipside of Bass-House producer Advent. This duality allows him to explore various sonic landscapes, each persona complementing the other. While Advent dives into the bass-heavy realms, beatsbyhand takes a mellower, more melodic approach.

A Musical Alchemist

Long before he was beatsbyhand or Advent, Hein Bosman spent seven transformative years playing multiple instruments in a church band. This experience laid the foundation for his profound understanding of music’s intricate components. At the age of 18, a close friend introduced him to FL Studio, and thus, a producer was born. No longer confined to a single instrument, Hein could now orchestrate his musical ideas into immersive sonic experiences.

The Birth of beatsbyhand

After achieving a measure of success as Advent, Hein felt a yearning for something different— a different tempo, a different feeling. Enter beatsbyhand, a persona as mystically poetic as its origin story suggests. According to Hein, his decorative hand-mannequin took on a life of its own, infused by a fragment of his soul, to craft these distinctive beats.

Signature Tracks

beatsbyhand has already made waves with some entrancing tracks, including:

  • Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) [feat. Kali Mija]
  • King Of My Castle [feat. Kali Mija]
  • Are You Jazz?

These tracks are not just music; they are hand-crafted sonic narratives that captivate and move those fortunate enough to hear them.

Label Affiliations

The rising star has been featured on prominent labels like Stay True Sounds and Ambious Records, showcasing his flair for creating immersive and emotive musical journeys.

The Journey Ahead

As beatsbyhand, Hein Bosman is on a unique musical quest, sculpting hand-crafted beats that resonate with audiences far and wide. It’s a journey of exploration, both of sound and of self, and one that promises to leave an indelible mark on South Africa’s electronic music scene.

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